June 3, 2017

37th People Choice 2017 Awards


                  People’s Choice Outstanding Corporate Product 2017 Awardee.  Renew Placenta Best Anti-Aging & Whitening Placenta Soap

  Renew Placenta Herbal Beauty Products is a product of scientific research, creative innovation and pure hardwork. The product is a success because it effectively deliver what it promises – a younger and whiter you. There are many similar products in the market today that make the same promise but fall short. With Renew Placenta, you are assured of world class herbal products that comes only from Pureform Cosmetics Products Inc., the original manufacturer, which pioneered and introduced the first Placenta soap in the Philippines since 1998.











                We produce high quality products that meet market demands, pass government standards and satisfy customers.


              To be one of the country’s leading and most innovative manufacturers of GMP – certified personal care products, distributing the finest quality and value priced- products locally and in the international market.


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