Major Markets

Marketing and Business Support System

The basis of our marketing strategy is the oldest in the trade – by word of mouth. We believe that the best marketing is endorsements from our product users who have experienced its benefits. For years, we have relied mostly in this old system and through it we have made our mark in the cosmetic market. Up to now, we still believe that a good product will always sell and will be imitated but never equaled. Recently, a massive marketing drive has been done under the vision of reaching out the worldwide market. 

This website is one of those efforts. Old products are improved, new products are developed, information and marketing materials have been spread around to reach the untapped market. With this goal in mind, the World Wide Web is being leveraged to facilitate orders and shipment, through e-commerce, which we envision to improve our service particularly to the global market.

Purchased in SM stores or Mercury
Sampling in different places..
Exhibiting at a Business Expo

Exhibitions provide a great platform to meet and build relationships with key people in your industry and although social media has revolutionized how we interact, nothing beats the opportunity to market your business face to face and gain qualified leads. Exhibitions can also provide the opportunity to meet new faces and open your business to new markets.

By exhibiting at a business expo you also have the opportunity to meet a large target audience under one roof and in one day, that could take your sales team a number of months to reach. This saves time and reduces the period required to close a sales lead.