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Renew Placenta Classic
Renew Placenta Classic Soap 135g

Renew Placenta Classic A special formulated Soap with natural placenta extract that refreshes and whitens the skin. It increases moisture and suppleness leaving the skin young, smooth and white.

Renew Placenta White 135g
Renew Placenta White Soap 135g/95g

Renew Placenta White For those with sensitive skin and helps fades away skin blemishes. Recommended for everyday use for healthier & younger looking skin. 

Renew Placenta Cream
Renew Placenta Cream 15g/25g

Renew Placenta Cream Contains natural active ingredients that helps in the prevention of wrinkles and delays the process involved in skin ageing. A well balanced moisturizing cream with UV (ultra violet) filters and natural active ingredients that delay premature skin ageing. Also ideal as make-up base and protection against UV rays. 

Renew Rejuvenating Soap
Renew Rejuvenating Soap 135g

Renew Rejuvenating Soap is made from natural extracts that were formulated to help damaged skin. The soap is blended with Vitamins A, C and E to nourish the skin and helps to make it look younger and feel softer. The soap is made with a high proportion of antioxidant that helps rejuvenates and rehydrate sore or damaged skin. A natural glycerin by product is produced serves as a perfect moisturizer. 

Renew Placenta Orange 4 in 1 soap
Renew Placenta Orange 4 in 1 Soap 135g

Renew Placenta Orange 4 in 1 soap A special formulated soap that gives four essential benefits to the skin; Whitening – the power of the placenta extract that proves to whitens skin quickly Anti-aging – the power of rose-hip oil proves to ward off the imperceptible signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. Cleansing – the power of grape seed oil to cleanse and nourish the skin; Anti-bacterial – the power of orange oil is an effective anti-bacterial agent that dries up and eliminate pimples. 

Renew Placenta Face & Neck Refreshing Toner
Renew Placenta Face & Neck Refreshing Toner 100ml

Renew Placenta Face & Neck Refreshing Toner with Tea Tree extract contains active ingredients for skin whitening & anti-aging plus anti-pimple to help skin come fresh, healthy & wrinkle-free. 

Renew Kojic Glutathione
Renew Kojic Glutathione Soap 135g

Renew Kojic Glutathione Original Soap rejuvenates dull and tired skin. It contains a special mixture of extracts that nourishes skin while produces micro-exfoliation effect. The 2-in-1 synergistic effect of kojic acid and glutathione help lighten skin pigmentation such as acne scars, age spots and dark spots.  

Renew Placenta Lotion
Renew Placenta Lotion 120ml

Renew Placenta Lotion A unique formulation that helps renew damaged skin tissues & fade away skin blemishes. Blended with finest moisturizers & skin conditioners, it instantly relieves dry and scaly skin, leaving it soft and supple. It has a balanced pH which corresponds to natural skin needs. continues daily application also helps whiten your skin naturally.

Renew Natural Oatmeal Honey Scrub Soap
Renew Natural Oatmeal Honey Scrub Soap 135g

Renew Natural Oatmeal Honey Scrub Soap provides a soothing way to buff away dead surface skin cell instantly revealing smoother and brighter skin. This mild and gentle soap also combines the moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging, and skin protecting benefits of colloidal oatmeal and honey. Both are time -tested ingredients that lock in moisture to soften the skin.

Renew Kojic Multi-Berries 
Renew Kojic Multi-Berries Soap 135g

Renew Kojic Multi-Berries A proven effective skin whitening formulation that uses anti-skin pigmentation power of Kojic Acid combined with natures gift., BERRIES. Mulberry and Bearberry extracts have radical scavenging antioxidant ability that inhibit melanin formation thus making white and evenly bright. Licorice root powder helps lighten skin blemishes and freckles.

Renew Papaya Fruity soap
Renew Papaya Fruity Soap 135g

Renew Papaya Fruity A new experience in caring for your skin more than any ordinary soap as it only cleanses skin but also whitens, moisturizes and helps prevent skin disorders and eliminates body odor.

Renew Milk Cream Vanilla
Renew Milk Cream Vanilla Soap 135g

Renew  Milk Cream Vanilla Soap Experience the richness and creaminess of Renew Milk Vanilla Soap it contains extracted almond milk that contains Vit. E, a superior antioxidant which protects the skin from harsh elements and damaging sun rays and Vit. B2 that helps in skin moisture retention.

Renew Curcumin Soap with Honey  Soap 135g
Renew Curcumin Soap with Honey Soap 135g

Renew Curcumin Soap with Honey For Anti-Aging, Acne, Dark Spot Lightening plus Vitamin E is an original formula natural soap to help moisturizing the skin making it looks healthy, removing old deteriorated skin cells, tightening pores, reducing acne and eliminating dark spots. Use to wash facial and body skin daily for be fresher and younger looking skin.

Renew Glutathione Soap
Renew Glutathione Soap 135g

Renew Glutathione A gentle and effective whitener that combines the effects of its agents to make the skin younger, smoother and fairer . Uses daily for a more radiant and beautiful white skin.

Renew Facial Care soap
Renew Facial Care Soap 135g

Renew Facial Care soap A new experience in caring for your skin. Helps to remove acne scars and wrinkles, dries up pimples fast, prevent blackheads. 

Renew 4 in 1 Papaya Fruity soap
Renew 4 in 1 Papaya fruity Soap 135g

Papaya 4 in 1 is all- new improved skin whitener. The square Papaya cubes are combined Vitamins A and E nourishes the skin as it whitens. An all natural transparent soap base gives the luscious skin protection as it moisturizes and soften skin. Natural sunscreen is added to provide sun protection. Regular use keeps skin younger and fairer. 

Renew Papaya Cubes Soap
Renew Papaya Cubes Soap 135g

Renew Papaya Cubes Soap acts as skin whitener while the glycerine base provides the oil and moisture to the skin. It cleanses and moisturizes with superior skin condition properties that retards skin aging. An excellent combination formulation for a smoother and cleaner skin.

Renew Firming Soap
Renew Firming Soap 135g

Renew Firming Soap Helps to reduce the appearance of the orange peel effect also called cellulite and helps improve the tone and softness of the skin.