Renew Facial Cleanser & Lotion

Size: 120 ml

Renew Placenta Lotion

      A unique formulation that helps renew damaged skin tissues & fade away skin blemishes. Blended with finest moisturizers & skin conditioners, it instantly relieves dry and scaly skin, leaving it soft and supple. It has a balanced pH which corresponds to natural skin needs. continues daily application also helps whiten your skin naturally.


With Double Acting Anti-Aging And Whitening Effect ,Hand And Body Lotion,Moisturizes Your Skin,With SPF 15 and Recommended For Daily Use

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Renew Placenta Lotion
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Renew PlacentaToner
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Renew Papaya Facial Cleanser

Why Renew Placenta?

"Stay Young ,Stay White"
Pauleen Luna
T.V Personality/Actress


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