Renew Placenta is a product of scientific research, creative innovation and pure hard work. The product is success because it effectively deliver what it promises – a young and whiter you. There are many similar products in the market today that make the same promise but fall short. With Renew Placenta, you are assured of world class herbal products that comes only from Pureform Cosmetic Products Incorporated, the original manufacturer, which pioneered and introduced the first Placenta soap in the Philippines since 1998.

PUREFORM COSMETIC PRODUCTS INCORPORATED mission is to enrich the gifts of nature by utilizing nature and its produce, and combine it with the gift of wisdom, to benefit and enhance the beauty of man – the most precious creation. After more than a decade of continuous research and innovation, the company has produced excellent products; bath soap, facial cream, facial toner and body lotion. The flagship product is the brand – Renew Placenta.

Marketing and Business Support System

The basis of our marketing strategy is the oldest in the trade – by word of mouth. We believe that the best marketing is endorsements from our product users who have experienced its benefits. For years, we have relied mostly in this old system and through it we have made our mark in the cosmetic market. Up to now, we still believe that a good product will always sell and will be imitated but never equalled. Recently, a massive marketing drive has been done under the vision of reaching out the worldwide market. This website is one of those efforts. Old products are improved, new products are developed, information and marketing materials have been spread around to reach the untapped market. With this goal in mind, the World Wide Web is being leveraged to facilitate orders and shipment, through e-commerce, which we envision to improve our service particularly to the global market.               

Our clients will always be considered as business partners. Our business grow along side with our partners. We cater to different customer requirements – whether big and small – we make sure that we give them the same support and caring efforts embodied in our core values.