Renew Placenta is a product of scientific research, creative innovation and pure hardwork. The product is a success because it effectively deliver what it promises – a younger and whiter you. There are many similar products in the market today that make the same promise but fall short. With Renew Placenta, you are assured of world class herbal products that comes only from Pureform Cosmetics Products Inc., the original manufacturer, which pioneered and introduced the first Placenta soap in the Philippines since 1998.







  • “I was actually impressed with this soap. I see my Mom use a lot of products to help her with her dark spots and scars. Few of the products she have used worked but some of them were just expensive and ineffective. I was impressed because the soap is inexpensive but it worked on her. I asked her what she thinks about the soap and she said she actually liked it!”
    Kristine – Real Asian Beauty

  • “It helps me have fairer skin….all my pimples dry quickly and within a week i have pinkish glow face”
    Carmina – Facebook

  • “Because its help to removed my pimples and white heads …and give nourish skin and smooth and pinkish skin”
    Nicah – Facebook

  • “I loved this soap so much.Very effective and affordable :)”
    Xyryl – Facebook